File Downloads Related to Bee Breeding

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These files are offered in good faith, but no responsibility for suitability is implied.

The files are free to use for personal purposes, however a fee may be required in some instances if they are to be used commercially. Any such requirements will be made plain on the website that you may be diverted to for the actual download. Some of the items offered are similar in function, but come from different sources, try them all and establish which is the most suitable for your particular purposes.

Ruary Rudd

Morphometric spreadsheet

To calculate and graph cubital index and discoidal shift the spreadsheet has been adapted from a BIBBA version, but the calculation section is all Ruary's work.

Note... It is essential for graph production that the ranges are adjusted to the number of bees measured.

Lars-Åke Larsson

CBeeWing Morphometry Program
Measuring with your scanner and CooRecorder

Using CBeeWing   An Introduction to Wing Morphometry

As of March 2005 you will be charged for this software which was previously given away free. The upper button at left will take you to the web page that the programs can be purchased and downloaded from, which also gives instructions about installation. The lower button will take you to trial versions of CBeeWing+CooRecorder that are limited in function.

Dave Cushman

Some of these files have similar titles to various BIBBA files...
But they may be different versions.

Other files will be added to this collection from time to time.
Printable versions of various colony record cards.

Excel spreadsheet known as "Tom's Table".

Originated by:- Albert Knight & Angus Stokes, This template can be freely distributed


Zipped folder of several BIBBA utilities.

These files were collated by Albert Knight when he was BIBBA Secretary

Irish, Celtic or Gaelic Fonts can be downloaded from this section, as far as I can ascertain they are copyright free, but there may be restrictions on embedding them or modifying them. If the green text at the start of this paragraph is rendered in a Celtic type font, then you already have a suitable font installed on your system. If the green text is a serif style, unzip any one of the .ttf files and copy it into your windows fonts directory and it will show in on this webpage, it will also be useable in the same way as any other fonts on your system. The Gailge 2 Normal font gives the best cross browser support and is recommended, if a single Celtic font is to be installed.



Gailge 2




If you have any useful software tools, spreadsheets, templates, record systems or copyright free Celtic font files that you would like to share... Contact Dave Cushman by Email using the Admin button near bottom left and they can be included.

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