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Committee posts and responsibilities

Details of committee posts within the Galtee Bee Breeding Group, and the responsibilities attached to those positions.


Micheál Mac Giolla Coda... Burncourt
Co. Tipperary
phone: (052) 67205


The chairman's responsibilities involve the management of the GBBG... Chairing committee meetings, AGM and other activities of the group. Micheál is also responsible for the management of the Dun Aonghusa breeding apiary and the provision of breeder queens for members each year.

Reasons to contact Micheál would include advice on breeding the native bee (based on the experience of GBBG). He would also be prepared to advise other groups of beekeepers interested in improving the Dark Bee, About how to set up breeding groups similar to GBBG.


Michael Maunsell...

Dunkerrin, Birr
Co. Offaly

phone: (0505) 45340

  The Secretary's responsibilities are organising the running of the group, convening of meetings and to record the minutes of those meetings. To keep members in touch with one another.


Gay Noonan...

Well Hill
Co. Tipperary,

phone: 00353 62 72329


The Treasurer is responsible for all financial transactions concerning the group.

Contact Gay to renew your subscription.

Newsletter Editor

Eoghan Mac Giolla Coda...

Co. Louth

(041) 6861884


The Newsletter Editor's chief responsibility is to produce a newsletter on time, that is of interest to members of the group. The newsletter is available for group members and contributors only.

It is hoped that those who may have newsletter material of interest to an Irish bee breeding group dedicated to promoting interest in breeding the native black bee, would contact the editor and render it available for publication.

Administration of this website

I believe that the original website was generated sometime during 1999. Jacob Kahn carried this work through from it's inception until mid September 2003 when I (Dave Cushman) took over responsibility for website administration.

I am a member of GBBG and have been for several years, but as I live in the UK, my input into group activities has been limited. However, as I do a considerable amount of webwork, it is sensible that I contribute in this manner.

Any errors, broken links or other defects should be reported to me via the Email button provided at right. Any ideas for the future development of this website should also directed to me and I will liaise with the committee on suitability.

Website items required  is a jotting space for notes or desirable items that will help to flesh out this website. Should you have such items please use the 'Email Dave' button above.

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